The Fieldhouse: Acrylic Ink

Below is the final image for my rural scenery drawing of the fieldhouse and skatepark in Langdon, Alberta.

fieldhouse and skatepark final.jpg

I am thrilled to have finished it in time for my first art show since high school (Art on the Boardwalk Show: Langdon Alberta) this weekend.  Whether good or bad, I am looking forward to some feedback on the pieces I have selected for the show.

The Fieldhouse

I have discovered a new style and medium that I am obsessed with:  Urban/rural scene drawing in ink (in this case acrylic ink).

I had no idea where this drawing was going to go when I started out.  My first idea was to do the whole scene in black and white ink.

Upon consideration, the bright red of the buildings were just too vivid to do in black and white.

Once I coloured the buildings, I loved how the colours popped and thought to myself, I wonder what the rest would look like in colour.  I coloured the rest of the image, except for the sky.  Up until this point, I had been using dip pens with the ink, and had no idea how I would use a dip pen to create a sky.

I debated leaving the sky white…then an idea struck.  I got out the ole finger-painting kit (not an actual kit, just my fingers) and dabbed on a sky.  I am thrilled at the outcome.  It may be one of my favorite pieces to date.

I can wait to do more in this style.

Materials used:

  • Daler-Rowney FW acrylic inks
  • Speedball nibs
  • Hunt nibs
  • Daler-Rowney drawing paper (I am continually impressed how well this paper holds up)

Reference photo:fieldhouse and skatepark.jpg

A Series of Selfies

I chuckle at the amount of selfies some people post on Facebook and Instagram.  I graduated high school in 2006 and Facebook was just starting to become popular; Instagram wasn’t even a thing until 4 years later.

However, if the amount of self portraits I did is indicative of how many selfies I would have taken, had the technology been available…well let me just say, I should not judge.

Look at all these “selfies” from my former years.

Art on the Boardwalk Show: Langdon Alberta

I am so excited to be a part of the show this year!  I have been unable to attend the past couple years, so this year I jumped on the opportunity to showcase some of the pieces I have been working on.

I am hoping for a good turnout and am also looking forward to meeting other local artists.  If anyone is in the area this weekend, come on by.

Art on the boardwalk

Prairie Elevator: Oil Pastel

Where has the time gone!  I finished this one about a month ago and finally got around to framing it.

I really love the bright colours and am liking the composition.  I debated composing it in landscape orientation, but am happy with how it turned out in portrait orientation.



  • Grumbacher oil pastels (set of 32)
  • Canson bristol paper 9″x12″
  • Spectrafix fixative

The reference photo is courtesy of Trudi Olfert from PaintMyPhoto.

Below is my scrap paper with some experimental scribbles and colour tests.


Langdon Rocks

An ink drawing of some rocks at Langdon Park.

I used to work, almost exclusively, in ink.  I really missed it and am looking forward to doing a few more urban/rural scenes in ink.

The paper was fantastic to work on.  I have never used the Daler-Rowney drawing paper before.  I usually stick to Strathmore and Canson brands.  However, the ink worked so beautifully with this paper that I will be buying some more Daler-Rowney paper when I use this pad up.  I am excited to experiment with coloured pencil on the paper as well.

I really like how this piece turned out.  The rock is a little more phallic-looking than I would have liked.  The rock IS shaped this way, however my line placements may have accentuated bits to make it seemingly more so.

Regardless, I still like it.

Aviary Photo_131361861324677203 (2)

Materials used:

  • Winsor & Newton Black Indian Ink
  • Dip pen (brand unknown)
  • Hunt and Speedball nibs
  • 9″x12″ Daler-Rowney Drawing Paper 75lb.

A Year in Postcards

I have kept a journal almost all my life.  I started my first diary when I was just 6 years old.  It is barely legible and not that exciting of a read, but it exists.  I have filled many, many more journals since then.  Every so often, I re-read excerpts of memories and reminisce.

When my son was born, I wanted him to have something as a keepsake.  Something that I could jot down memories and milestones on.  Something that was a record of where he travelled and his experiences, until he is able to keep a record for himself (if he is so inclined).

What better than postcards?  They are great for jotting down little notes and memories.  And they are the perfect souvenir for travelling. He will be 1 year old next week and he is quite the little traveler.  He has been to 4 provinces in Canada and 3 states in America.  He has been in cars (2 major road trips), airplanes (4 flights), ferries (across ocean and river) and trains.  For a homebody like me, my family sure goes places!

I even started a little stamp collection for him, just in case he is interested in such things when he gets older.  If I had decided to keep all the postcards a 4″x6″ size or smaller, they would have fit perfectly into a photo album, but I like variety.  Luckily, I also like to sew.  So, when I get a chance, I plan to sew up a little case for the postcards (one for each year).

Here is his collection so far (almost 1 year worth):20170407_103259.jpg

Some are homemade from pictures I have taken, or just from neat paper I had leftover from other crafts:


Others are from places we have travelled:20170407_103456.jpg

Others are souvenir postcards, or other postcards that I thought were neat:20170407_103517

Did your parents keep a record or a keepsake for you?  If you have kids of your own, do you have little mementos for them?  Do you collect postcards or a journal for yourself?  How do you keep track of your memories?