Sneak peak at my upcoming web comic

A sneak peak at the first panel in my upcoming web comic.

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first panel

Figure Drawing #1

Figure drawing, especially those involving nude models, always brings to mind that oh-so-popular scene in Titanic when Jack draws Rose wearing the Heart of the Ocean and only the Heart of the Ocean.

Jack is nervous as he begins to draw, but as the portrait develops he sets in to task and becomes a sketching machine.

My version of figure drawing is much less intense.  With no access to a live model (there are classes nearby which have, I just haven’t had the opportunity to attend one yet), I used the videos on Youtube supplied by New Master’s Academy.  You can find the link here:  I like these because of the amazing quality of the models and photos, in addition to timed exercises to help hone your skills.

I need to work on the timing part.  I ended up liking the pose seen in the picture below and spent nearly 25 minutes instead of the recommended 5 minutes.  C’est la vie.  Speed, value and proportions will be something to strive for as I continue to practice figure drawing.

July 29 2017 Figure drawing.jpg

Mother’s Day Postcard Design 2017

I sketched this design after my son was born and was going to make him a poster or some artwork to hang in his room (I haven’t gotten around to it yet).

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, I was going through my sketchbooks trying to come up with ideas and inspiration for a postcard.  I looked at this design and knew it would be perfect.  As far as I know, my Mom and my husband’s Mom do not follow my blog, so the card should still be a lovely surprise in the mail.  If they do see this…”Hi Mom’s!  You should be getting your postcards by early next week.”


I cut out cardstock stencils (as seen in the picture below) to use as a templates for all elements of the card except for the lettering.  I should mention that the typography is called “Just Kidding” by Brittney Murphy Designs and is the only part of the card I didn’t design myself.


I am storing all the stencils away in a Ziploc bag just in case I need them at a later date.


Here are the final cards.  I think they are adorable, and hope the Moms like them as well.


Art on the Boardwalk Show

It was a quiet but successful day at the Langdon Art on the Boardwalk art show.  I was able to meet some other local artists, which was great.  My art seemed to be well received; also great.  I even sold two pieces.  Excellent!

I was stoked to see all of the artists’ phenomenal work.  I had already seen many of the pieces on the local artist’s Facebook page, but seeing them in person was SO much better.  I am looking forward to many more shows to come.


The Fieldhouse: Acrylic Ink

Below is the final image for my rural scenery drawing of the fieldhouse and skatepark in Langdon, Alberta.

watermarked field house.png

I am thrilled to have finished it in time for my first art show since high school (Art on the Boardwalk Show: Langdon Alberta) this weekend.  Whether good or bad, I am looking forward to some feedback on the pieces I have selected for the show.

The Fieldhouse

I have discovered a new style and medium that I am obsessed with:  Urban/rural scene drawing in ink (in this case acrylic ink).

I had no idea where this drawing was going to go when I started out.  My first idea was to do the whole scene in black and white ink.

Upon consideration, the bright red of the buildings were just too vivid to do in black and white.

Once I coloured the buildings, I loved how the colours popped and thought to myself, I wonder what the rest would look like in colour.  I coloured the rest of the image, except for the sky.  Up until this point, I had been using dip pens with the ink, and had no idea how I would use a dip pen to create a sky.

I debated leaving the sky white…then an idea struck.  I got out the ole finger-painting kit (not an actual kit, just my fingers) and dabbed on a sky.  I am thrilled at the outcome.  It may be one of my favorite pieces to date.

I can wait to do more in this style.

Materials used:

  • Daler-Rowney FW acrylic inks
  • Speedball nibs
  • Hunt nibs
  • Daler-Rowney drawing paper (I am continually impressed how well this paper holds up)

Reference photo:fieldhouse and skatepark.jpg

A Series of Selfies

I chuckle at the amount of selfies some people post on Facebook and Instagram.  I graduated high school in 2006 and Facebook was just starting to become popular; Instagram wasn’t even a thing until 4 years later.

However, if the amount of self portraits I did is indicative of how many selfies I would have taken, had the technology been available…well let me just say, I should not judge.

Look at all these “selfies” from my former years.