Crossroads in the Autumn

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I love working with coloured pencils.  I love the rich colours.  I love that there are no odours as I am very sensitive to them and get headaches from them.  And above all,  I love not having to clean brushes.  I hate cleaning brushes.

Last fall, I took a bunch of photographs and decided to start some illustrations.

Here is my reference photo:


“Crossroads in the Autumn” reference photo.

I drew an outline of the photo (freehand) and began working on the sky.  I outlined the illustration using a size 05 brown Micron pen and then used Derwent Coloursoft (tin of 26) for the rest of the project.


Outlined with the Micron pen and starting in with the coloured pencil.

Towards the end, I began to run out of tooth on the paper.  The pencil, kicked and screamed, threw a huge tantrum and refused to lay down on the paper!  Fortunately, I had recently watched a Lahri Fine Art video on YouTube and Lisa Clough (“the artist behind Lachri Fine Art) used a texture fixative to “add more tooth” to the paper.

I remembered that I had bought a fixative a long time ago when I first started to dabble with pastels.  I grabbed it from the back of a shelf. Sure enough it was a workable fixative and just what I needed.  I tested it out and was amazed how much more life it gave to the paper.  I was worried that it would ruin the paper, or alter the colours or streak or clump or otherwise ruin the illustration; it didn’t.  It is my new favorite art supply.


I love when I find uses for long lost items in my stash.  Hip Hip Hurray for hoarding.

watermarked crosswalk.png


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