A Year in Postcards

I have kept a journal almost all my life.  I started my first diary when I was just 6 years old.  It is barely legible and not that exciting of a read, but it exists.  I have filled many, many more journals since then.  Every so often, I re-read excerpts of memories and reminisce.

When my son was born, I wanted him to have something as a keepsake.  Something that I could jot down memories and milestones on.  Something that was a record of where he travelled and his experiences, until he is able to keep a record for himself (if he is so inclined).

What better than postcards?  They are great for jotting down little notes and memories.  And they are the perfect souvenir for travelling. He will be 1 year old next week and he is quite the little traveler.  He has been to 4 provinces in Canada and 3 states in America.  He has been in cars (2 major road trips), airplanes (4 flights), ferries (across ocean and river) and trains.  For a homebody like me, my family sure goes places!

I even started a little stamp collection for him, just in case he is interested in such things when he gets older.  If I had decided to keep all the postcards a 4″x6″ size or smaller, they would have fit perfectly into a photo album, but I like variety.  Luckily, I also like to sew.  So, when I get a chance, I plan to sew up a little case for the postcards (one for each year).

Here is his collection so far (almost 1 year worth):20170407_103259.jpg

Some are homemade from pictures I have taken, or just from neat paper I had leftover from other crafts:


Others are from places we have travelled:20170407_103456.jpg

Others are souvenir postcards, or other postcards that I thought were neat:20170407_103517

Did your parents keep a record or a keepsake for you?  If you have kids of your own, do you have little mementos for them?  Do you collect postcards or a journal for yourself?  How do you keep track of your memories?


2 thoughts on “A Year in Postcards

  1. Kayla Groening Post author

    Nothing on a set schedule. However, there always seems to be something to write about (places we went, new skills he learned, funny things he did). I end up writing postcards quite frequently. Sometimes only once a week, sometimes a few times a week.

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