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TV’s “Grace & Frankie” Fan art: Coloured Pencil

Above is a sketch of Frankie, played by the talented Lily Tomlin, from the TV show “Grace & Frankie.” The illustration  is done in Laurentien coloured pencils (or pencil crayons, as some may say).  Yes, the same coloured pencils that I used all through elementary school.

I found them a little difficult to blend and after a while the tooth of the paper would not accept any more pigment.  While I do not think I will be completing any masterpiences with the Laurentien coloured pencils,  I will be using them again.  After all, I have a huge tub full; waste not, want not.


Ink and Red Copying Pencil: Illustrations

Back in 2010; I liked the style of ink illustrations.  Sometimes I would outline my illustration in pencil, overlay the ink and then erase any residual pencil marks.  Sometimes I would wing it and use ink from the get go.  But the majority of the time I would do a combination of ink and Red Copying pencil.

I was living and studying in Winnipeg, Manitoba at the time and did many illustrations from in and around the city; such as the ink drawing at The Forks in the image below.

I did quite a few illustrations in this style including a series of fan art inspired from the TV series “Lost” which I was addicted to at the time.

I am still a fan of this style, but for the most part have veered away from it in favour of more realism and more colour.

Movie “Alice in Wonderland” Fan Art: Acrylic Ink

Above is an illustration from May 2011 in acrylic ink.  The top left image is of Alice’s father.  On the bottom left is the Queen of Hearts and on the right is Alice.

I had to include the quote about the “warm pigs” because it’s so ridiculous and makes me smile every time I hear it.