Langdon Rocks

An ink drawing of some rocks at Langdon Park.

I used to work, almost exclusively, in ink.  I really missed it and am looking forward to doing a few more urban/rural scenes in ink.

The paper was fantastic to work on.  I have never used the Daler-Rowney drawing paper before.  I usually stick to Strathmore and Canson brands.  However, the ink worked so beautifully with this paper that I will be buying some more Daler-Rowney paper when I use this pad up.  I am excited to experiment with coloured pencil on the paper as well.

I really like how this piece turned out.  The rock is a little more phallic-looking than I would have liked.  The rock IS shaped this way, however my line placements may have accentuated bits to make it seemingly more so.

Regardless, I still like it.

watermarked rocks.png

Materials used:

  • Winsor & Newton Black Indian Ink
  • Dip pen (brand unknown)
  • Hunt and Speedball nibs
  • 9″x12″ Daler-Rowney Drawing Paper 75lb.

A Year in Postcards

I have kept a journal almost all my life.  I started my first diary when I was just 6 years old.  It is barely legible and not that exciting of a read, but it exists.  I have filled many, many more journals since then.  Every so often, I re-read excerpts of memories and reminisce.

When my son was born, I wanted him to have something as a keepsake.  Something that I could jot down memories and milestones on.  Something that was a record of where he travelled and his experiences, until he is able to keep a record for himself (if he is so inclined).

What better than postcards?  They are great for jotting down little notes and memories.  And they are the perfect souvenir for travelling. He will be 1 year old next week and he is quite the little traveler.  He has been to 4 provinces in Canada and 3 states in America.  He has been in cars (2 major road trips), airplanes (4 flights), ferries (across ocean and river) and trains.  For a homebody like me, my family sure goes places!

I even started a little stamp collection for him, just in case he is interested in such things when he gets older.  If I had decided to keep all the postcards a 4″x6″ size or smaller, they would have fit perfectly into a photo album, but I like variety.  Luckily, I also like to sew.  So, when I get a chance, I plan to sew up a little case for the postcards (one for each year).

Here is his collection so far (almost 1 year worth):20170407_103259.jpg

Some are homemade from pictures I have taken, or just from neat paper I had leftover from other crafts:


Others are from places we have travelled:20170407_103456.jpg

Others are souvenir postcards, or other postcards that I thought were neat:20170407_103517

Did your parents keep a record or a keepsake for you?  If you have kids of your own, do you have little mementos for them?  Do you collect postcards or a journal for yourself?  How do you keep track of your memories?

Aspen: Rework of an old Favorite

Yesterday, I published a post showing some old sketches of mine.  Amongst them was this pretty little watercolour of a poplar (aspen) tree.  I decided to redo the painting with oil pastels, just for fun.

I am fairly new to pastels and am still trying to work out the glitches.  I would like to master making a seamless background, but all in all, I am really happy with how the painting (drawing? I’m never sure which a pastel piece is) turned out.

Below is the oil pastel artwork made with:

  • Grumbacher oil pastels (set of 36)
  • Canson Bristol paper
  • Derwent Coloursoft coloured pencils


Below is the watercolour from 2008.


Only, one month to go until my art show.  Ever year, the small town (Hamlet) I live in hosts one or two art shows and this year I am so excited to be showcasing my work.  I have been busy making artwork, as well as matting and framing and trying to figure out how to price and sell my pieces.  Making the art seems to be the easy (and fun) part.  They rest is a lot of hard work.  I have a new found respect for professional artists, who do this kind of thing all the time.

Sketches from 2008

While perusing some old artwork I came across these gems.

They were all completed in an inexpensive dollar-store mid-tone sketchbook which I can only imagine became disheveled and is long gone.

These pieces, which I must have liked at the time (and still do) were tucked away for safe keeping.  They appear to be done in a combination of ink, coloured pencil and watercolour and were all completed en plein air at my parent’s farm in the Interlake region of Manitoba; except for the one with the elf-like creature having a smoke.  I have no idea where the inspiration for that one came about.


Early Morning Sky: Pastel

Final resized.jpg

Now that the weather is starting to warm up in Alberta, Canada, I have been taking my baby on longer walks.  I always take my phone with me, just in case there is something that captures my interest and I would like it as a reference photo for later.  Eventually, I would love to be able to sketch or paint en plein air when out and about, but my baby has little patience for sitting still when there is so much to see.

One thing I love about living on the prairies, are the magnificent prairie skys.  I tried to capture one such sky in the drawing as seen in the picture above, but you really have to see them to believe them.

This piece was completed on Canson XL mixed media paper, using Grumbacher oil pastels and Holbein oil pastels.  The finer details of the trees were drawn using Derwent Coloursoft coloured pencils.  Some Spectrafix workable fixative was used between layers.  My name was etched using a pen lid (high tech stuff)!

I hope you enjoy.

An Elephant Never Learns: Webcomic

I am so excited to have launched my first webcomic series!

A_E_N_L thumbnail

I have been reading comics on Tapastic for a few months now and love the platform.  It is easy to navigate, the quality of work is fantastic and there is a little something for everyone’s tastes.

The more, I read comics, the more I am able to see the humor in my everyday life.  I have always been a creative person, with a vivid imagination, so I figured, why not put those skills to use.

My webcomic series is called “An Elephant Never Learns” and it features a variety of animals, plants and inanimate objects in humorous situations.  You can check out the first episode at

Since this is my first comic, you can say that I am still in beta mode.  I am still navigating the creators side of Tapastic, which even for a technical-dope like me, is pretty easy to use.  I should be a pro in no time.  I still have a lot to learn about creating comics, but that will come in time as well.


Little Piggy

I decided to play around with oil pastels and make my Mom a birthday card at the same time (I know; “a pig for a birthday card???;” but the inside will say:…and this little piggy wishes you a Happy Birthday!;”  trust me, she will appreciate it.)

I did the base drawing in coloured pencil.  This really helped me to figure out the colours I wanted to use.  The majority of the visible part is oil pastel.  I used pencil crayon for some of the finer details, since I was having trouble getting fine lines with the stick pastels.

Aviary Photo_131340242184883385.png


Materials used:

  • Strathmore parchment card paper
  • Derwent Coloursoft coloured pencils (set of 24)
  • Grumbacher oil pastels (set of 36)
  • Spectrafix spray fixative