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The Fieldhouse: Acrylic Ink

Below is the final image for my rural scenery drawing of the fieldhouse and skatepark in Langdon, Alberta.

watermarked field house.png

I am thrilled to have finished it in time for my first art show since high school (Art on the Boardwalk Show: Langdon Alberta) this weekend.  Whether good or bad, I am looking forward to some feedback on the pieces I have selected for the show.


Sketches from 2008

While perusing some old artwork I came across these gems.

They were all completed in an inexpensive dollar-store mid-tone sketchbook which I can only imagine became disheveled and is long gone.

These pieces, which I must have liked at the time (and still do) were tucked away for safe keeping.  They appear to be done in a combination of ink, coloured pencil and watercolour and were all completed en plein air at my parent’s farm in the Interlake region of Manitoba; except for the one with the elf-like creature having a smoke.  I have no idea where the inspiration for that one came about.


TV’s “Grace & Frankie” Fan art: Coloured Pencil

Above is a sketch of Frankie, played by the talented Lily Tomlin, from the TV show “Grace & Frankie.” The illustration  is done in Laurentien coloured pencils (or pencil crayons, as some may say).  Yes, the same coloured pencils that I used all through elementary school.

I found them a little difficult to blend and after a while the tooth of the paper would not accept any more pigment.  While I do not think I will be completing any masterpiences with the Laurentien coloured pencils,  I will be using them again.  After all, I have a huge tub full; waste not, want not.

Ink and Red Copying Pencil: Illustrations

Back in 2010; I liked the style of ink illustrations.  Sometimes I would outline my illustration in pencil, overlay the ink and then erase any residual pencil marks.  Sometimes I would wing it and use ink from the get go.  But the majority of the time I would do a combination of ink and Red Copying pencil.

I was living and studying in Winnipeg, Manitoba at the time and did many illustrations from in and around the city; such as the ink drawing at The Forks in the image below.

I did quite a few illustrations in this style including a series of fan art inspired from the TV series “Lost” which I was addicted to at the time.

I am still a fan of this style, but for the most part have veered away from it in favour of more realism and more colour.

Owl in coloured pencil

Lately,  I have been drawing with coloured pencil and with the popularity of adult colouring books, the medium is everywhere!  Very exciting.

I started using them while pregnant to minimize my risk to toxic solvents.  I like how easy they are to travel with: no water or brushes needed, no drying time and just a pencil sharpener required.

The owl drawing was completed with Derwent Coloursoft (36).  I will always remember when I bought them at a local art store.   Being a coloured pencil newbie, I asked an employee, “How many do you think I need to start.”  The employee gave a small knowing smile and said, “With art supplies, it is never a matter of need, but of want.”
How very true!  And after working with the medium, I  want more. 

Movie “Alice in Wonderland” Fan Art: Acrylic Ink

Above is an illustration from May 2011 in acrylic ink.  The top left image is of Alice’s father.  On the bottom left is the Queen of Hearts and on the right is Alice.

I had to include the quote about the “warm pigs” because it’s so ridiculous and makes me smile every time I hear it.